What, when, why, where and how of a Global Watch?

Global Watch:  An "Upper Room Awakening" 

“Then I said to the nobles, the rulers, and the rest of the people,
‘The work is great and extensive, and we are separated far from one another on the wall.  
Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there.  
Our God will fight for us.’”
Nehemiah 4:19-20
Why a GLOBAL Watch?
The ultimate purpose of a global watch is to build community in prayer across the globe.  This means you!  You are invited and needed.  From churches, to small villages, to cities, regions, and nations...community, connection, commitment to prayer are key distinctives of the Global Watch vision.  The past season of disasters, shakings, war, disease etc., released a "watchman call."  Response to this call manifested as prayer groups, houses of prayer, 24-7 watches etc. emerged across the globe.  As these disasters, atrocities and tragedies – whether natural or manmade – escalate, we find ourselves in times of increased spiritual intensity requiring stronger relations and communication. We are moving into a time requiring a “Watchman Response,” active attention, focused informed prayer and purposeful relationship.  

What is a "Watch?"
What is a “Watchman Response” and what is a "Watch?"  Simply stated, it is purposeful ongoing prayer/worship in community.  It is reflected in the Upper Room of Acts 1:14.  People committed to stand together in prayer, in one accord.  In other words, they were of one mind building commitment to God in prayer and to one another in a community.  The result was Pentecost. The following describes the essentials of a "watch": 
  • Community and corporate interaction:  “The Work is great and extensive, and we are separated far from one another on the wall.  Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there.  Our God will fight for us.”  Nehemiah 4:19 
  • Commitment to prayer and intimacy with God:  "I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampart, and watch to see what He will say to me."  Habakkuk 2:1
  • Communication:  “When you go to war in your land against the enemy who oppresses you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the Lord your God, and you will be saved from your enemies.”  Numbers 10:9 
These three components describe what happened in the Upper Room.  They are vital components of other outpourings in history, from Bangor, Ireland in the 500's; to the Knights of Saint John Watch in early 1000 A.D.; to Herrnhut, Germany in the 1700's.  Such components led to a habitation of the Holy Spirit igniting world changing corporate prayer expressions.
     What is a watchman?  Simply stated, one called and committed to not only to prayer but who sees and desires to build corporate prayer expressions in their communities for ongoing spiritual advance (Isaiah 62:6; Jeremiah 6:17; Ezekiel 3:17).  

Why Participate?
The functional dynamics and purpose of a watch will link participants to a dynamic process of prayer impacting transformation and igniting once again the marriage of prayer and missions.  Such were the dynamics of the Upper Room and other historic outpourings of God's Spirit through prayer.  Other benefits as follows:
  • Participation will link you to a growing family of watchmen and give you the benefit of insights from others across the nations.
  • Access to key issues and critical alerts from other nations
  • Access to communication tools to assist in receiving and dispensing critical alerts in the nations
  • Contribution to the watch will reap you, your church, ministry the benefits of ongoing united prayer
  • Receive support and help in mobilizing "watch" and culture of prayer in your church/ministries/communities/nations
  • The times simply require it.  As disasters, atrocities, and tragedies increase, there is need for stronger relationship and connectedness across the globe. 
  • Stronger collaboration will result between nations, prayer streams, and ministries as barriers are removed and relationships develop.  
Distinctives:  A Global Watch carries the characteristics and distinctives to fulfill the above mentioned essential components: 
  • First, God is laying it on hearts of many to work collaboratively together.  Many ministries and prayer groups are seeking to work strategically together. 
  • Second, technology has opened doors to easy global communication.  We can easily connect through the Internet, phone and communication tools that were not available a few years ago.  The doors spiritually and technologically are open for a more cohesive working together. 
  • Third, the times require it.  We must not only be the bride that loves, but the warrior that wars.  David was both a lover and warrior.  The tabernacle of David being restored is not only a bridal room but a war room.  Through stronger agreement, connections and warring together, greater advance will come.
    • Ezekiel 1 prophesies of the wheels of eyes connected and turning together. 
    • Joel 2:2-11 prophesies of a mighty army that runs like mighty men, climbs the wall like men of war, and do not break rank. 
    • Ezekiel 33:1-7 prophesies of the promises and of watchmen being in place; but also of the consequences when they are not.   
  • Fourth, in an age of increasing lawlessness, God is turning our hearts back to the great commandments, to love God and love one another, in which Jesus said, “On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets,” Matthew 22:39.
  • Fifth:  Participation in "Watch" communities releases revelation and desire to engage with the end-time missions movement to re-ignite the marriage of prayer/worship with missions.  "The harvest truly is great, but laborers are few; therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest." Luke 10:2
  • Sixth and last but not least:  A “Global Watch” prophetically fulfills scriptures and Jesus’ command to “watch” particularly before His second coming (spoken over 20 times in scripture, ex,  Mt. 25:13, Luke 12:38; 21:36, ).   These scriptures are a call to the watchmen that will prepare the bride to be ready and alert.  The bride is not separated by dividing walls, nations, or rank, but uniquely connected, in love with the coming bridegroom, alert and ready.  (See also Matthew 25:1-11)
This is a call and invitation to the prayer movement for all who desire to connect, build relationship and collaborate with other ministries.  The "watch" by its very nature protects and strengthens  all who are involved.  Participants do not lose their identity and call in ministry but takes all involved beyond what any one ministry or person can do.  No person is too small or ministry too large to participate.
     ACTIVATING THE REMNANT PRINCIPLE:  Furthermore, a remnant of the committed carries significant spiritual weight.  Whether an individual, small group, church, or large ministry stream, corporate prayer within a committed community can yield much advance for the Kingdom.  Jesus focused on the twelve, one hundred-twenty stood in one accord in the Upper Room, and it changed the world.  Here are examples of participants:
  • The Watchmen (Isaiah 62:6; Jeremiah 6:17; Ezekiel 3:17):  A watchman is one called and committed not only to prayer but who see the need to collaborate and will build corporate prayer expressions in their communities for ongoing spiritual advance.
  • Existing Watches in prayer centers and towers, churches, ministry centers, prisons, prayer groups, houses of prayer, existing prayer networks, individuals desiring to connect or who cannot join groups because of security issues etc. 
  • “New Watchmen” – those starting their journey of prayer who could be equipped by our networks with resources and teaching.  
  • Prayer Networks/Leaders who are stewards for data bases and networks mobilizing prayer
  • Special interest and focus specific groups to relay and connect with the greater watch: i.e. government, media, education, pro-life issues, unreached people groups.
NOW!  It is URGENT. The spread of wars, the economic uncertainty, the widening gap between rich and poor, the increasing intensity of enemy aggression against followers of Christ, the huge migrant crisis gripping Europe creating population shifts, the terrorist threats posed by Islamist groups in many parts of the world is an Ezekiel 33 cry for Christians to “watch, sound the alarm, and pray.”  

Communities ---> High School and College Campuses---> Cities ---> Regions ---> Nations ---> Globally
This is a grassroots mobilization to build community in prayer/worship through relationships whether it is in your neighborhood, network, church, region, or nation. 
Simply click the link below and the connection begins.  Joining opens to door to work collaboratively and communicate through modalities that foster relationship whether as an existing network, interested individual, church, or community.  Communication will encourage relationship, relay key information and alerts, and build foundations of trust. 
  • Encourage participation in the 4th watch to breakthrough spiritual strongholds that keep people separated and isolated
  • Build through prayer/worship strategies that encourage cooperation between communities locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally (Ex. celebrating Jewish feasts or important historical dates cross culturally)
  • Connect into the Global Watch to build relational strength, and participate in spiritual awakening across the nations.  
  • Meet regularly on regional, national, and international levels to seek the Lord together in worship/prayer, build relationships, and strategize to facilitate growth and development
Expected Outcomes: 
The impact of purposeful ongoing prayer in community, the functional dynamics of a watch, will empower transformation in communities and ignite the marriage between prayer and missions.  The result will be an end-time harvest and the emergence of an alert and ready bride.  
  • Dynamic re-engagement of prayer and missions
  • Culture of prayer and worship to increase in our cities/regions/nations as corporate HOP's, groups, communities of prayer arise
  • Collaboration between nations, prayer streams, and ministries as barriers are removed and relationships develop
  • Testimony of God's intervention to rise across the nations through salvation, healing, restoration, reconciliation of people groups
  • Creative strategies released for needed social, political, and cultural intervention
  • Transformation through stronger agreement and subsequent alignment politically and socially with biblical values in cities/regions/nations
  • Revival and End-time Harvest!
“Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour
in which the Son of Man is coming.”
Matthew 25:13

Joining the global watch opens communication and relationship with a growing family of watchmen across the nations: