Transform World Mission

Revitalizing the Church to
Renew Culture

7 challenges, 7 spheres, 3 generations, 10 regions


A Defining moment for the church;

We observe that we are at a kairos moment in world history.  As we gaze across the world's horizon, there appear several issues urgently beckoning the Church to respond and engage with.  Nations are in uproar, religious kingdoms are shaking, social order is declining, the poor continue to face abject poverty and injustice, marginalized- the orphans are uncared for and unloved.  These are some of the many serious challenges facing the Church today and it appears as though Haggai is describing our world, where he records God is shaking anything, everywhere, and everyone (Haggai 2:6).  It is therefore necessary to discern, understand and recognize, what God is doing, understanding that only what He has established will be left standing for His purpose and glory. 

Challenges and Mission:
  • Ideological Challenge:  Islam has grown and moved east and west, competing for Christian souls and attempting to challenge or destroy the very foundation of the gospel and the church.  
    •  Mission:  We are called to make disciples of all nations by our Lord Jesus.  Our response to the Transform World Ideological Challenge of Islam is to seek how to engage together to fulfill the great commission among Muslims.  Our mission is to glorify God as His global church as a faithful global witness to Muslims everywhere.
     Iman Santoso
     Joshua Lingel
  • Family Challenge:  Though we have scrambled over the years to find ways to stem the tide of family meltdowns in our midst, the results are far from satisfactory for the church.  Setting its sight on the transformation of communitites around the globe, the Transform World Connections movement (together with the 4/14 Window Initiative) recognizes the urgent need to restore the Christian family in the global church. 
    • Mission:  Transforming the church to inspire and equip families to build God's kingdom and impact their communities for Christ.
    Contact: Matthew Ling
  • Orphan Challenge: One of the biggest challenges facing the Christian Church today is the ever-increasing number of children growing up without the loving care of their parents and without knowing their heavenly father
    • Mission:  The World Without Orphans movement will promote a better life for orphans by Iinforming the Body of Christ to broaden their understanding both of the problems faced by orphaned children and the potential ways they can contribute to effective solutions
    • Mobilizing national, regional, and global networks that involve churches, non-governmental service organizations, business communities, the media, and governmental agencies, who, together, can develop orphan advocacy movements in their own countries and communities.
    • Equipping-we will provide opportunities to fully understand the needs of orphaned children and the best resources and strategies to serve them; and promote communication among orphan networks.       
Contact:  Ruslan Maliuta
  • ​Poverty Challenge:
    • Mission:  Mobilize the Church to go and express the Good News and the love and compassion of Christ to all peoples; especially the unreached and un engaged.  Encourage creative strategies addressing the unengaged and unreached poor who are in hostile or difficult to access places.  Focus strategies on helping to create self-sustaining, self-propagating, self-led, transformational and community based movements.
Contact: Hal Jones
  • Justice Challenge: The influence of post-modernism in the on-going discourse on human rights has weakened the natural law foundations for protecting human rights and human dignity around the world.  It is the hour for the church to showcase to the world that the real answer to the seemingly unstoppable global pandemic of justice crises lies in God working through the partnership of the church and family.  
    • Mission:  We envision applying the support of Biblical teaching in justice discourse.  
          Contact:  Ef Tendero
     James Butare
     Ivan Kostka:  Casteism Challenge
     Jessica Marchand:  Human Trafficking
     Nada Thabet Alfy:  Corruption Challenge
     North Korean Challenge
  • Christ Missional Challenge:  There is yet a great field to be reached for Christ's missional challenge to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).
    • Mission:  The global church is to go proclaims, and express the good news of Christ to those people, or peoples, who have never had the opportunity to know Christ.  Cultivate an attitude of honor throughout various ministries and across denominations in order to see the Gospel taken to the "last" person and "least" reached peoples.  Equip the global church with the resources to assist in the proclamation of the Gospel, with a particular focus given to providing resources.
           Contact:  Dick Eastman
           Christopher Lucey
           Partners in Christ's Missional Challenge:
  • Issachar Initiative:  Pat Murdock, Paul Eshleman;  The issachar Initiative is a collaborative effort serving the global church as an advocate for the least reached people of the world
  • Finishing the Task:  Paul Eshleman, The mission is to form a global network of local churches, denominations, church planters and mission agencies that are willing to work together in partnership to see church planting initiative launched among the remaining unengaged, unreached people groups.
  • Joshua Project:  Dan Scrbner, Bill Morrison, Duane Fraser;  This organization seeks to bring definition to the unfinished task of the great commission by highlighting the least reached people groups of the world.  It seeks to answer the questions that result from the Great Commission's call to make disciples among every nation or people group.  
  • Celebration Challenge:  In these tumultuous times, God has been moving to awaken the church.  What do we celebrate when faced with the challenges of our lives and what we see in the news?  We now need not only the vertical intimacy with God but also relational strength with each other to effectively face the challenges before us.  God is breathing upon the prophetic word of Amos 9:11 and exhortation to the New Testament Church by James in Acts 15:16  "On that day, I will raise up the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down, and repair its damages, I will raise up its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old,"  to awaken the church.  The battles we are in require us to be on our knees and in His Presence.  
    • Mission:  To encourage, build, and connect houses of prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David and strengthen through relationship for individual and cultural transformation.
      Fred and Sue Rowe