Past Prayer Initiatives


Trumpet Call to the Nations:  Restoring Ancient Paths
Prayer journey to 7 Churches of Revelation and Feast of Tabernacles in Israel:  
September 6-26, 2013

Restoring Ancient Paths:  An international team just returned from a strategic prayer journey, "Trumpet Call to the Nations: Restoring Ancient Paths,"  to the 7 churches of Revelation and Israel.  The purpose of the  journey was to go back to the "roots" of the church, repent of the issues at each of the sites, and build an altar to the Lord with redeeming scriptures to re-align us with God's Word, "My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations." With all that has been transpiring with government shut downs, threat of war, and earthquakes, we sensed we were truly in a "set time," a strategic strike, for the advance of God's Kingdom and His purposes in increasingly tumultuous times.  God went before us and prepared the way.  Each site had its own unique character and spiritual assignment.  There are now 12 altars in the Middle East, one at each of the 7 churches in Revelation, and five strategically located in Israel.  The altars in Turkey in particular were built on foundations of repentance with redeeming scriptures.  All have soil from Israel or Temple Mount at their base, washed with waters from the Gihon Springs, sapphire stone in the center topped with rocks from the nations, and anointed with oil from the City of David, Jerusalem.  Altars in Israel also had red wine from Mount Hermon (Psalm 133) poured out on top.  
Amazing Team:  As we journeyed, it became apparent that each team member was truly called and elected by  God to be on the team.  It was an amazing experience to see love and relationships build in the team to keep it cohesive and focused throughout the journey.  Members were healed through compassionate prayers, even illnesses averted.  God protected us through some long days and treacherous paths as people determined to press forward.  It was a picture of the 1st church unfolding before our eyes as everyone gave as their was a need (Acts 2:44-47).  We all emerged stronger and more connected than ever.   
Supernatural Encounters:  Every place we journeyed had its own flavor and unique character.  Of note, we had a supernatural encounter at lunch outside Sardis, Turkey with a group of Chinese (mostly youth) who came into the restaurant we were eating at.  They saw a bible on the table and came over to meet us.  What  happened next is best described as a "mini" revival as God's Spirit fell, the tables turned, as people blessed and prayed for each other.  It was amazing!  Not only that, the same group traveled a long distance to be with us for a time of  worship at the Izmir House of Prayer on September 12th.  We ran into them again twice in Jerusalem, at a Feast of Tabernacles Celebration at the Seven Arches Hotel, and again at an Isaiah 19 worship watch at Succat Hallel, a 24-7 house of prayer overlooking the Hinnom Valley in Jerusalem.  It was an amazing connection with a clear message from God.  We are in an hour when God is converging His far as the East is from the West for such a time as this.  
      At the last altar, in Shiloh, we were privileged to have the former mayor of the city invite us to place an altar at the site of the ruins of the tabernacle of Moses where most likely the "Holy of Holies" was located.  There was not a dry eye as he declared Isaiah 60 over Highway 60.  We surrounded the altar and in "one accord" sounded shofars to the North, South, East and West, for a great awakening and for the houses of prayer to arise.
Clear Message:  A distinct and clear message emerged from the moment we started to the end of the journey.  At nearly every altar, and nearly every day, we met up with a bride and groom.  The Spirit was truly saying, "The Spirit and the bride say come!"  In Istanbul, on our way to the house of prayer for a day of worship, we traveled down a city street lined on both sides with bridal shops for at least 3 blocks.  It ended up in the "gold" district.  Not only that, but one of the altars was at the Eastern gate in Jerusalem.  As we walked towards the Eastern gate (outside the wall), we met the gardener for the Islamic graveyard.  He was very friendly and invited us up to the wall of the Eastern gate showing us a path through the graves.  When we reached the gate, what did we find? A bridal bouquet!  Amazing!  The message was clear...the trumpet is sounding for the bride to make herself ready!