Media/Video Teachings

Watchman Rise and Build:

USA Strategy Summit, Convergence HOP, Fremont, CA  March 26-28, 2016

1) Watchman Rise and Build: Susan Rowe
2) Watch Strategy:  Fred Rowe, Paul Royle, Susan Rowe
3) Ekklesia Rising:  Pastor Greg Simas


Trumpet Call Myanmar

January, 4-7, 2015

1) The Amos 9:11 Call
2) Power of Blessing:  Susan Rowe
3) Worship in Spirit and Truth:  Jamie Pryor
4) Practicing His Presence and Hearing the Voice of God:  Susan Rowe
5) Warfare and Worship:  Jillian and Jamie Pryor
6) Worship and Music Theory:  Jillian and Jamie Pryor
7) Building and Sustaining Corporate Prayer:  Susan Rowe