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Global 24/7 Prayer Streams/Networks 24-7 Houses of Prayer:  There are many houses of prayer, the following have 24/7 prayer going.  If you know of other houses of prayer with 24/7 please contact us
24/7 Web Connections​
Regional Connections
For nations without links, we have connections.  Contact us for further information.  Names are withheld for security reasons
Specialized Connections
  • Governmental houses of prayer  Roy Funu has successfully integrated houses of prayer in the Melanesia Islands with a house of prayer now actively within governmental structures and has developed effective communication, relationship with legislators.
  • Children's houses of prayer   Tety Irwan is a Pastor of GBI Salt and Light Community Church (SLCC);  Coordinator Mission Prayer Mobilizer of the Indonesia People’s Network (IPN); Advisor National Children Prayer Network (JDA) Indonesia; Core member 4/14 movement Indonesia; International Facilitator of Children in Prayer International (CiP-IPC).  Her calling and ministry:  Pastoring the church; Mission prayer mobilizer in Indonesia; teaching, mobilizing adults, young people and children to pray in Indonesia and many nations. 
  • Burn 24/7
  • IHOPKC Connection
  • IHOPKC international Connection
  • Houses of Prayer for Health care
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