Faith Based Christian Businesses

Below is a list of faith based Christian businesses many of whom are involved in helping to break poverty cycles or contribute directly to missions based organizations.  This is not meant to be a complete list, but helpful for those interested.  If you have or know of other faith based business groups that are helping to advance God's Kingdom, please contact us and we would be happy to add to the list.

Forever 21
The words John 3:16 appears at the bottom of its stores' shopping bags. A spokeswoman for the company told The New York Sun that the message is a "demonstration of the owners' faith."
CEO of Tom's of Maine
Tom Chappell originally left his natural care products to pursue a ministry until a professor told him to run his business like a ministry. Beyond environmentalism, the company seeks to "create a better world by exchanging our faith, experience, and hope."
Bethany Press International
Partner of Bethany International, a fellowship of believers in Jesus Christ with a commitment to reach the world with His message by witnessing, training and sending missionaries, planting churches, and printing Christian literature. Revenue generated by Bethany Press provides support for the ministries of Bethany International.
BlueFish TV
Non-profit Christian video publishing company based in Richardson, Texas. Bluefish TV works with well-known Christian speakers and authors to produce small group studies and video illustrations that help people teach in their church.
Founder Gary Heavin Christian values permeate the woman’s health club company
Hobby Lobby
Comprises 450 arts and crafts stories company's mission statement states: "Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles."  We believe that it is by God's grace and provision that Hobby Lobby has endured."
Prince of Peace® Enterprises, Inc.
Founder is a man faithful to God’s leadership. Through his choice of our company name, one can tell that our philosophy is built upon the ethical principles of the evangelical Christian faith. Kenneth Yeung attributes his successes to God’s guidance and blessings.
Our top sellers include: Tiger Balm®, Prince of Peace® Ginseng & Teas, Bee & Flower Soap, Han’s Honey Loquat, and more. These lines can be found in all the major health food chains. Many high quality European and American products such as Delacre® assorted cookies, Ferrero Rocher® chocolates, Almond Roca®, Loacker® Wafer and Ricola® Natural Cough Drops are among the exclusively distributed line.
Tyson Foods, Inc.,
World's largest chicken company employs a team of chaplains who minister to employees at production facilities and corporate offices.
Founded in 1929 by Marion E. Wade, who "had a strong personal faith and a desire to honor God in all he did," according to ServiceMaster's Web site. "Translating this into the marketplace, he viewed each individual employee and customer as being made in God's image - worthy of dignity and respect."
Michigan-based furniture manufacturer Herman Miller is founded on the Reformed Protestant tradition. Herman Miller - perhaps most famous for its Aeron chair - prides itself on environmental philanthropy and on regularly appearing on Fortune's annual list of best companies to work for.
Car battery giant Interstate Batteries  has a "self-avowed religious identity and is very open in their God talk" in internal training and communication.
In-N-Out Burger  also makes its founders' religious leanings part of its recipe. For instance, "John 3:16" appears on the bottom of soft drink cups, a reference to the Bible passage, "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
Retail giant Wal-Mart  has used Christian servant leadership models in building the world's largest retailer.
Door-to-door cosmetics firm Mary Kay  founded by Mary Kay Ash attributes the company's success to a decision to "take God as our partner."
Former heavyweight boxer George Foreman became an ordained minister after a religious experience in 1977 and continues to share his religious experiences in the media and on Christian television today. George Foreman Cooking  has grown from the George Foreman Grill into other products, including cookbooks, home and car cleaning products, vitamins and supplements, and personal care products.
Founder of Texas and Mexico supermarket chain H.E.B.,  Howard E. Butt Jr., is the voice of "The High Calling of Our Daily Work," a 60-second series of religious radio spots that airs on more than 2,000 radio stations across the nation.
United States Plastic Corporation
Founder, Dr. R. Stanley Tam, made a promise to God that if God would prosper this business he would honor God in any way he could.  God has consistently done His part and, with His help, we do ours to the best of our ability.  Mr. Tam has placed 100% of the ownership of United States Plastic Corp. into a foundation whose purpose is to establish churches in third world countries.

Business as Mission Resources
Mission-To release the power of business to transform people, communities and nations for the glory of God.
Cards from Africa-Rwanda
Cards from Africa is a part of a new generation of African businesses making high quality products, in one of the poorest countries, available to the international market at competitive prices. The business model is to provide a stepping-stone for staff to transition easily to another career or start their own business someday.
Olive Technology
Core values- Values such as integrity, honesty and the pursuit of professional excellence are a reflection of an individual's self image, created by their religious beliefs, their family experience and life lessons. We have found that people with similar values work well together, work harder, teach each other, hold each other accountable and deliver a work product that serves the client well.
C12 Group
C12 is a fee-for-service for-profit organization that operates on membership dues. Prospective members must be invited to join. C12 is a blend of Christian business leadership best practices and general management tools coupled with Godly counsel, accountability, Christian business coaching, a focus on spiritual values and needs, and practical ways to run businesses based on Biblical principles for the eternal benefit of stakeholders.
Membership organization to connect, equip, and inspire Christian CEOs and Business Owners to grow exceptional businesses, become higher-impact leaders and honor God.
EC Group India
In 1999, Tom Sudyk, CEO and founder of EC Group International established e-commerce operations in Chennai, India. The vision for expanding to India served two purposes. One purpose was to provide small and medium sized US companies safe access to the abundant talent India had to offer. The second purpose was to establish a company that would make a difference to the people it touched.
House Blend Café-Eat Good Do Good
The concept of HOUSE BLEND CAFE developed over the course of several years of dreaming of a creative way to connect with people and impact lives - 100% of net profits are used to love and serve people in the local community and around the world (feeding the homeless, funding services for women and children in need, home renovation projects and helping to restore neighborhoods, supporting other people who have a heart to serve, and starting other HOUSE BLEND CAFE’s in other communities).
Rightnow ministries-Work as Worship Network
Mission to help people see their work differently.  Work is an opportunity to worship the God who created us.
Redemptive Business Consulting
Redemptive Business Consultants exist to leverage business to eliminate spiritual and physical poverty in the world. Through business analysis and customized training, Redemptive Business Consultants is committed to redeeming business to better impact the world.
Pacific Resources international-China
PRI is an organization with expertise in building businesses in China and surrounding regions. PRI is headed up by a team comprised of individuals from the United States, New Zealand, South Africa, and Malaysia, and is focused on building best practice business operations.
Meixia International China
Bill Job, an American who moved to Xiamen, China in 1987 to study Chinese ended up starting Meixia, a company that produces exceptional stained glass products which is also his ministry.
Partners Worldwide
Partner with local business champions and networks that care about their communities, know the business environment, and can build on the local resources. Engage and support network of businesspeople through global partnerships and personal relationships.
Delta Jewels
Girl power fuels beautiful jewelry
Delta Jewels is a youth development initiative that empowers young women to realize their potential, inspires creativity and encourages community through jewelry design. All jewelry is designed and handmade by these young women and profits go directly to the designer of each piece.
Selam Awassa
Advancing agriculture in Africa
Selam Awassa Business Group focuses on the design and production of appropriate technology for the rural community. With the help of the research and development organization of the Ethiopian government, SABG stays abreast of developments in the technology sector. Beyond renewable energy products, SABG produces equipment for smallholder farmers and the construction industry.
All’s Fair World Gifts
Gifts you can feel good about giving All’s Fair brings fair-trade coffee, tea, nativities, crosses, collectables, clothes and other items to San Antonio, Texas, from all over the world. Fair trade means no slave labor or sweatshops, and no environmentally unfriendly practices. All’s Fair is committed to making San Antonio — and the world — a better place.
The Source Café-Uganda
One of the best known and most reputable cafes in Jinja is the Source Cafe  Katie Davis also has an office nearby for Amazima Ministries
Water Missions International
Water Missions International is a nonprofit Christian engineering organization providing sustainable safe water and sanitation solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas.
Includes a selection of established agencies with a business as mission focus or entity, plus specialist business as mission and 'tentmaker' agencies.
The Lausanne Movement
A global movement that mobilizes evangelical leaders to collaborate for world evangelization. 
World Evangelical Alliance
A global ministry working with local churches around the world to join in common concern to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus in their communities.
Food for the Hungry
Responding to God's call to end physical and spiritual hungers worldwide since 1971.
U.S. Center for World Mission
Mission- To catalyze believers to engage in developing communities of faith in Jesus Christ within the remaining unreached peoples on earth.
Christian Missionary Fellowship International
CMF Marketplace Ministries arm helps mobilize business professionals to the world’s marketplaces where there is no witness.
Church Missionary Society
CMS supports business as mission as a strategy and CMS Africa faciliates the BAM Africa network.
Frontiers has been pioneering for-profit business strategies to share the love of Christ in the Muslim world.
Global Disciples Network
The Global Access track has the specific aim to mobilize church planters through business.
Global Opportunities
Empowering tentmakers to reach the world. GO has free resources and training available on it's site, plus tentmaking stories, news and events.
Interserve has pioneered in the area of business as mission, placing professionals and starting enterprises in the Arab World and Asia.
OMF International
Missional business, reaching people for Christ through businesses centered in a mission purpose, is a developing strategy of OMF International.
Operation Mobilization
Supporting business people to bring about spiritual, social, economic and environmental transformation, using their skills in the heart of a community.
Pioneers emphasizes non-traditional missionary methods, including business strategies, to meet spiritual and practical needs in communities.
SIM (Serving in Mission)
SIM helps those with business and professional skills get involved in mission through their business ministry opportunities.
Creative Development Ministries LTD
Uses the proceeds of a business as a way of financing mission.
The Crossover Foundation
Uses planned giving instruments such as wills, living trusts, annuities, gifts in kind, and other financial arrangements to fund its church planting efforts.
Crossover Communications International (CCI)
An international church planting movement, intensely desires to see God glorified among all the peoples of the world. Founded in 1987, today CCI serves on all six continents and has planted many churches among the least reached peoples of the world.
World Horizons
Enables pioneering and creative mission, including an emphasis on business as mission.
WorldVenture / Transformational Ventures
WorldVenture has a business as mission arm called Transformational Ventures which has a focus on connecting business people with opportunities to serve.
YWAM (Youth With A Mission)
YWAM has embraced business as mission as an avenue for missionary service. In addition, our Business as Mission Resource Centre seeks to serve the broader movement by providing resources and training.   
A Child´s Hope Fund
Helps fight pediatric cancer, diabetes and hunger through medical and food programs, health education and emotional/spiritual support for children in nine countries endangered by disease, poverty, war and natural disaster.
AAA Charity Investment Fund
Outreach of World-Wide Missions seeking to assist donors in making wise and productive choices in their charitable giving. With over 60 years of experience and numerous projects options available, AAACIF’s intention is to link donors with opportunities to “invest” in programs and causes that bring positive change to human lives. AAA Charity Investment Fund was formerly known as Emergency Relief Response Fund.

Organizations that focus on business incubation-many provide mentoring, training and funds to develop businesses.
BPN Foundation-USA
A private, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to connect business men and women of the western world with entrepreneurs of the developing world in order to help these entrepreneurs create and build sustaining businesses that will enable them to improve the standard of living in their communities, fund the work of their local churches, and raise the social impact of Christians in their country.
Faith Partners
Social enterprise incubator started in Indonesia and dedicated to help communities overcome poverty through establishing self-sustaining small and medium businesses leading to positive social changes.
Provides training and loans for aspiring entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Integra seeks to instill a 'business as mission' philosophy in their SME clients, helping them see their business as transformational.
Kingdom Venture Partners
A venture capital firm that invests in kingdom companies.
Hope International
Shares the hope of Christ as they provide biblically based training, savings services, and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty.

A non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.
Global Hand
Redistributes gifts in kind and donates inventory to business start ups that are focused on creating jobs for the poor.
Trade as One
Focused on creating a sustainable route to market for sustainable businesses that break cycles of poverty and dependency in the developing world.